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Sharpening Services & Repairs

We could tell you that we are the biggest privately owned sharpening company in
Australia, which would be true BUT the question all businesses want to know is

“ what’s in it for my company?”

In other words “ How can Austech Saw & Tooling add to my bottom line…… isn’t
that the purpose of all businesses



“ If we cant add value to your business then we don’t deserve you”


1. Free pick up and delivery within serviced areas of Brisbane and Gold Coast

AST 72

2. Because we have more customers service reps than opposition companies, it
allows reps to service smaller areas better and cover it on a 2 day a week
cycle. Many opposition companies only offer a weekly service.

3. We offer 2 x Vollmer CNC robotic sharpening machines ( as pictured below )
to sharpen circular saw blades. The blades are sharpened overnight where the
blades are sharpened with a micron polishing wheel and the grind cycle is
slowed down to ensure a mirror finish.

  • Sharpens through the night to give a polished finish making the life between sharpening last longer.
  • Oil cooled not water cooled
    Fully robotic to give a consistent sharpen each and every time

They last longer between sharpens and require less tungsten removed which means the blades life is extended. Blade finish is exceptional.

4. We are Aussie owned and operated and not owned by an international mother

BENEFIT: Local money stays local and is re injected back into the community where you do business..
AST 71

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WHETHER YOU ARE A ONE-PERSON BUSINESS OR A MAJOR ENTERPRISEWe deliver exceptional service, advice and the sharpest cut … guaranteed